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As a Director of Communications, Production Manager or Consultant in many creative environments as in publishing, advertising, music, web, video editing or TV production. All of my skills are cross platform, with a special emphasis on Macintosh professional systems.  My forte is providing top notch management, technical support, service, direction, web and network development or communications services. I posess a Wide range of skills in both hardware and software - desktop workstation or portable technical experience. Ranging from print production support, broadcast support, web development through system administration and network engineering to Mac or Windows help desk support. I have a keen eye for detail and the knowledge to produce High-RES PDF documents most printers use today. I have Apple certification and training and can offer strong support for network, client/server management and web/database support. I know what importance deadlines have and how to accomplish them on time.

"If I don't know the answer, I'll know where to find the solution".
Apple Trained Macintosh System Administrator - Apple Certification Courses
Apple OSX Server Essentials 10.4/5/6/7/8

Work History

CURRENT IN REAL ESTATE - PUBLISHER, System Administrator – Publish newspaper for Real Estate Industry.  Maintain and support internal Filemaker Pro and Daylite  the systems for warranty company (Residential Warranty Services – parent company).  July 2009 – January 2010. 

ST. IVES USA  - Macintosh System Administrator and Help Desk support for creative department of 60 artists, writers, account executives and assistants.  Implemented major hardware updates and OS from OS9 to OSX.  Installed and updated Quark QLA central server. Installed and maintained Sentinel software management and Extensis Font management technology. Rolled out Adobe CS2 suite including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Acrobat 7.0. - 2006 & 2007 - Completed upgrade project.

ADWEB SERVICES, INC. - co-owner - company started in June 1999

We are a Multi-Media Web Developer and ISP Host specializing in database hosting, internet, medium and small office PC and Macintosh network integration. We design, development and host streaming multimedia (A/V) and business databases providing easy web based interactive processes for our clients. We also provide graphic and video conversions for "streaming" use on the web. We web host PHP, SQL and Filemaker Pro databases on both Windows and Macintosh servers and Quicktime Streaming servers for audio and video. We also provide Wintel and Apple maintenance location services. We can engineer a small or large office network sharing a common Internet and secured shared wireless connections via DSL, Cable Modem, digital Frame Relay, T1 or T3 BGP shared networks. Our servers are located in a secure digital "forest" in Downtown Miami, Florida with network burst capabilities up to 128MBps! My primary responsibilities were system administration for our OSX Leopard and Windows servers, providing Open Directory, Active directory, IIS, DHCP, FTP, iMAIL (email) and network integration support for local and remote access clients. I also participate in developing and managing database driven interactive web sites with Dreamweaver, and BBEdit.

Magazine Publisher - System Administrator - Upgrade Designer 2003 - 2005

Completely upgraded publisher of several popular "upscale" international magazines (now publishing close to 1500 pages per month and 6+ publications). Responsible for all aspects of all electronic communications, production, traffic control, computer network and systems support, server and website management. Senior database administrator, designer and programmer. I also provided "help desk" for over 70 Macintosh computer users, artists and sales people in a completely MAC environment. Over a two year period, we upgraded all systems from Mac OS 8-9 to 100% OSX 10.4. All systems including Macintosh OSX, circulation, accounting, sales, art, circulation and production with Open Directory authentication, server side user directories for easy backups, sharing and no Wintel systems whatsoever. Set up integrated PDF generation and inexpensive proofing set up per printers specifications. Set up Mass Transit direct file transfers to printer and perfected an inexpensive networked proofing system now adopted by one of the largest magazine printers (Cadmus Mediaworks) in the USA. Proofing systems and centralized server based Postscript to PDF file generation allowed Production manager to "off-load" some of the tedious pre-press proofing tasks to lower level editors or designers.

WLRN PUBLIC TELEVISION - 2nd shift Video Engineer/Asst Master Control - 1997-98

Worked in master control as assistant to programming and live/remote broadcast, camera and studio syncing, studio prep. Set up location engineering for all phases of studio operations working directly with producers and directors. Maintained Avid Media Composer editing suite.

ISN COMMUNICATIONS  MIS Internet Administrator 1997 

Telecommunications facilities based services, including Internet, Long Distance, International Long Distance and wireless Telecommunications.  Manage all internet related services from systems administration engineering through sales team.  Design and implement small business solutions, and coordinate network deployment.

COMPUTER NERDS / iCREATIVE Contract Service Agency 1996 - 1998

Location support for Macintosh and PC systems. Maintenance and field support systems and networks for various clients on location repair and service on call. Provide hardware & software support and repair for everything form works type programs, through troubleshooting high level creative programs such as Photoshop, Quark, InDesign, Final Cut Pro, Dreamweaver. Expert network management with Win NT Server. OSX Server, AppleTalk, Ethernet, LAN and WAN support for networks.

CLM IMAGING 1993-1996

Photo Mural production of color prints and transparencies. Production of commercial display products using Photomechanical and digital Photoshop images, produced and output to a film recorders and wide track high resolution printers and plotters. Systems support specialist. Support for Quark XPRESS, Illustrator, Photoshop. Other Duties: Webmaster, setup Web site on internet, develop internal database on Macintosh with FileMaker Pro for sales department. Returned to Florida in 1993 from Milwaukee, WI after a twenty (25) year career in pre-press, graphic arts and professional photographic reproduction services.

Additional References (personal or business) provided during interview only.

Business Relations and  Associations:

Former Board Member and sponsor Gold Coast Mac Users Group
WLRN Public Television Ocean Drive Magazine TEPCOM A/V Sales and Marketing  - First Marketing Company  - Mac Talent iCreativeOriginal Host for Mactalent.com  -   Florida International University Publications - Alpha Aircraft Services Direct Marketing Association Western Digitech Compaq Solutions SWHS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION

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